Tabon Caves Palawan

The Tabon Cave complex is found in Lipuun Point, Quezon, Palawan. It is a 138-hectares, of rugged cliffs and deep slopes. It is discovered by an American Archaelogist Dr. Robert B. Fox and his team of Archaeologists from the National Museum in 1962. The discoveries of the caves have yielded an important Archaeological find – Fossil human bones tentatively dated from 22,000 to 24,000 years ago. Excavations were done from 1962 to 1970. Of the 200 caves found in Lipuun Point only 29 caves were fully explored, including Tabon Cave, which were found to been used for habitation and / or burial sites by ancient people. Tabon cave complex is a 30-minute banca ride from the town of Quezon, a Southern municipality of Palawan. It is 155 kilometres away from Puerto Princesa City.

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Aside from the limestone formation found in the Tabon Caves complex, there are pathways inside the actual cave that would let us even for a brief moment relive 24,000 years back during the time of the ancient people. The limestone formation is a work of art by itself alone but because the Tabon Caves complex has been developed by the National Museum, the entire trip itself is like walking through a museum but this time not confined within man made walls. Outside the complex is the beach, another beauty of Palawan with its fine white sand and turquoise sea.

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From Manila to Palawan – an hour flight via Airphil or Cebu Pacific (check with your travel agency about flight schedules)

From Puerto Princesa to Quezon – take a five-hour bus or jeepney trip to Quezon over first class asphalt road. The first trip is at 6:00AM At the Quezon Wharf, pump boats are available at chartered trip to Tabon Caves. Quezon is located 157 km. south of Puerto Princesa.

The Tabon Caves require the visitor to go on a boat ride to get to the Tabon Caves complex. The boat trip is approximately Php 1,000 so the more people the boat can carry, the better because then the cost is split among those riding. Of course, during peak season, the fare could go up but not that significant. To enter the caves is less that Php 500 so all in all, for a total of about Php 2000, the trip is very much worth it.


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