A very popular, interesting, and inviting tourist destination in Subic, Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp (JEST) has numerous facilities that people can visit. Aside from the recreational facilities, there are also exciting and enjoyable activities that tourists and locals can try at this beautiful Subic sightseeing spot. In addition, guests can also learn survival techniques when they spend some time at this place. For a hassle-free visit to this site, everyone is encouraged to contact and arrange tour guides who offer affordable or discounted travel packages.

Jungle Environmental Survival Training Camp is situated at the corner of Burgos Street in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales. Travelers from Manila City and Pasay City can ride in buses bound to Zambales to Olongapo City. As they reach the city, they need to ride in jeepneys bound to Subic. From the town proper of Subic, they can find taxis that can transport them to the training camp. On the other hand, people who will travel in private vehicles should drive along North Luzon Expressway. Take the San Fernando Exit and continue driving until they reach Subic Bay Freeport Zone Expressway. As they enter the area, they can see a lot of signs that can direct them to this Subic sightseeing spot.


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Jungle Environmental Survival Training Camp in Subic is very famous for the helpful survival training class that it offers. At this site, people can learn several survival skills like fire making. They can also learn to identify which vines in the forest are good sources of safe and clean water. Aside from this class, visitors at this Subic sightseeing spot can also relax and visit some facilities including Butterfly Garden, Mini-zoo, and Spider World. For the convenience of everyone, the training camp features a cafeteria where guests can have snacks and drink refreshing beverages.

To help indigenous people in the area develop nice rapport with tourists, the local government transformed the U.S. military base to Jungle Environmental Survival Training Camp in Subic in 1992. At first, the place only offers survival-training classes. After several years, the government initiated the development of several facilities like a souvenir shop and a cafeteria for all the tourists that visit this site. For people who like to spend some time in this site, they need to allot 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos as budgets for the admission fees and other expenses during their stay at the place.


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