Star City

Thinking of a weekend get-away quite affordable, close enough to home, and with something for everyone? You don’t have to look far because there’s a theme park right at the heart of the metropolis where a world of excitement, entertainment, and education awaits. 

Star City Entrance

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Star City, housed within the CCP Complex in Pasay, is truly big on family fun. The acknowledged pioneer in mixing amusement with retail, Star City focuses on providing families with maximum enjoyment through a stimulating array of indoor and outdoor attractions to captivate both the young and the young at heart.


Rides that spin, twirl, and zoom. . . live shows that provide the thrills and spills. . . a collection of haunts and destinations to fulfill your greatest fantasies. . . and a scoop of fun foods and goodies all blend together to give you a fantastic day out - without spending a fortune. Indeed, there is simply no way that kids, and even the young at heart, will not enjoy Star City. 


The smaller ones can take their pick from among the double-decked Grand Carousel which accommodates up to 72 riders; Telecombat composed of 16 independently controlled units that turn, lift, and drop like mini space vehicles; the Red Baron - allowing your child to imagine himself as an ace flyer during World War I; Quack-Quack, a seven-meter revolving ride with six duck-shaped tubs that can seat four people each; the perennially popular bump cars; or the immensely popular mini roller coaster called the Wacky Worm. All the kiddie rides are indoors, so children can continue to enjoy them even when it rains. 


Ferris Wheel

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Adults, in turn, scream their lungs out on board the Viking Ship and the Magic Carpet. Outdoors, other thrill rides like Surf Dance, Star Flyer, Wild River, and the Zyklon Loop provide increasing levels of excitement and exhilaration with every loop and tumble. Complimenting these are various attractions like Peter Pan and Neverland, the Land of the Giants, the Dungeon, and Kilabot ng Mummy - all designed to bring out the child in us all. Robotics enthusiasts will get a kick out of seeing 28 dinosaurs moving as if transported to the land before time. Fast becoming a crowd favorite with its 15-degrees-below-zero temperature is Snow World -- , allow visitors to experience real snow and counter the tropical weather. 


Snow World

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Visitors can also discover the heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping, non-stop action of laser tag at Lazer Blaster -- the state-of-the-art arena right in the heart of the park. In lieu of the regular P60 entrance fee, visitors to Star City can avail of the special Ride-All-You Can package, or a twin offer of unlimited rides, plus entrance to Snow World. School tours and party packages may also be arranged.


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