On the top 5 tourist spots in Bacolod Philippines, San Sebastian Cathedral is also one of the cultural and historical tourist destinations in the city. Through the leadership of Father Mauricio Ferrero, this church was constructed in 1876. Considered as one of the oldest religious institutions established in the place, the church was recognized as a cathedral 57 years following its construction. Some of the attractions in the spot is the centennial bells, which can be found at the right side of the building.

How to get to San Sebastian Cathedral Bacolod:

The gateway to Negros Occidental, Bacolod City is 55 minutes from Manila by air, with Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific Air providing daily flights. Bacolod is 30 minutes from Cebu City by air, with daily flights provided by Philippine Airlines on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Cebu Pacific Air on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

It is an 18-hour cruise from Manila aboard world class vessels of Negros Navigation Company and SuperFerry. Aboard fast sea crafts, Bacolod is one-hour from Iloilo City. By land-and-sea travel, it is 7-hour from Cebu City. Terminals for buses plying northern and southern Negros Occidental are located within Bacolod City.


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