Mt. Cloud Bookshop


"Mt. Cloud Bookshop exists for people who seek out the giddy pleasure of reading, who know the joy of buying and taking home a good find, of cuddling up with a book in a cozy corner, or of turning with reverence the pages of a beautiful, venerable book.

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We are located at the top of Session Road, in Casa Vallejo, which was built in 1909. In keeping with the history and memories of Casa Vallejo, we have created a space where the quiet, woody Baguio atmosphere of olden days sits comfortably with the work of contemporary artists, artisans, and writers. We carry titles that exemplify fine writing, including the work of writers who have lived and loved in Baguio City.

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In Mt. Cloud Bookshop, we like for time to move slowly, as the fog does. We like for people to sit down and browse while sipping a cup of coffee or a beer from our neighbor, Hill Station. We are happy when our customers embrace their book purchases contentedly in their arms.

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Mt. Cloud Bookshop is our dream come true, and if you love books, then it’s yours too."


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