Manila Yacht Club

Although there have been upstarts, the Manila Yacht Club continues to be regarded as the best in the Philippines and its prestige and position at the top of the heap remains unchallenged.

The history of the club began in 1927. The people behind the idea were Joseph Thomas, Aubrey Steward Tait and A. Heyward, who wanted to setup an organization that would promote the sport of boating and sailing in the Philippines, while at the same time serving as a regulatory body to supervise any and all forms of competition.

For several years after its founding the Manila Yacht Club became the playground for lovers of the sport. However, the advent of the Second World War changed all that, as the area was seized by the Allied Forces because it might be used as a launching pad by the Japanese to invade Corregidor. It was in 1947, two years after the war ended, that the club was able to resume its operations, and also began accepting women into the fold.

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As the popularity of sailing increased, the members began to compete in sporting events during the 1950s including the Olympics, becoming the first Asian nation to participate in the yachting competition. Today, the club remains a member of the Philippine Sailing Association (or PSA). Aside from hosting its own races, their members also participate in events that lie outside of the country.

For a time during the 1970s the number of people joining the Manila Yacht Club slowed down mainly due to the political turbulence the country was going through. But after the EDSA Revolution in 1986, membership applications picked up anew.

Given the fact that the Bay is subject to strong winds during the typhoon season, the Manila Yacht Club began a project in the late 1990s to construct a large seawall to protect the yachts. Other projects were undertaken, such as the building of floating berths so that the process of repairing and maintaining the many yachts will be easier to do.


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