Sunday 2 PM Café

At one corner of the café is a clock permanently set to 2pm. It’s to remind visitors that they don’t always have to keep chasing time — the hours can wait for them.


Sunday 2PM

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If you’re looking for a perfect place to be lazy or to get drunk with caffeine, Sunday 2PM Café has got to be it. Homey and filled with cute little distractions, this is where wasting time is love. Aside from the perpetually 2pm clock, the menu is like a child’s scrapbook and it’s just as delightful as the café’s ambience. When you enter, it feels like walking into a friend’s study room. It’s surprisingly quiet and ideal for reading and studying.


Sunday 2PM wall

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On how Sunday 2pm Café got its name, owner Resi Cloud finds 2pm on Sundays the most relaxing time of the week. There’s no junk load of paper work, deadline to beat or even crazy traffic. It’s just the perfect time to chill.


Book shelves inside Sunday 2 PM

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This is not your usual minimum wage coffee shop. Starting at 80 pesos, visitors can enjoy a good sip of coffee. Ceiling price is at 135 pesos and they even have happy hour on Sundays from 2pm to 5pm. The Sunday 2pm Café offers hot coffee, ice-blended coffee and tea. They even have traditional Korean drinks.


PB and J

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Here are easy to digest reasons to visit Sunday 2pm Café:

  • Free WIFI
  • Shake it like a Polaroid. You can have your photo taken with a Polaroid or SLR –  keep it or leave it on the photo wall. Don’t forget to ask them to scan/upload your photos for easy sharing.
  • The customer service is more personalized. It’s not just good, it’s great!
  • They have over 1000 books and you can even request a title. Read all you can! If you want to take them home, just pay 200 for deposit.
  • Not in the mood to read? They have DVD’s for FREE. If you want to rent it, just deposit 200 with money-back guarantee!
  • Unleash the artist within. They have post-it papers, pencils, and crayons.
  • Every 100 peso purchase is equivalent to one stamp. Get ten stamps and you get one free drink.



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