Barcino is very well known for the good value wines we offer. Excellent quality at very reasonable prices so wine is available to more people. Barcino started at the end of 2006, with the wine shop in Ortigas, expanding in early 2008 at Fort Bonifacio. 

Our objective is to be the benchmark of Spanish wine choices in the country and to familiarize the people in wine drinking and Spanish culture.We believe wine is not a luxurious drink, but a drink that is affordable to many people and at all times. 

barcino wine bar

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We do sell our wines in many prestigious hotels and restaurants of Manila and the provinces, as we are the exclusive distributors of all the wines we import. 

Spanish from Barcelona manages Barcino and some of the owners are based in Spain helping in the wine selection and negotiating good deals. 


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We believe in personalized service, specialization and focus. Wine drinking is a learning process and needs advices. For wine experts, wine discussions are always necessary. Drinking wine in Barcino feels always good in the nose, the mouth….and the pocket…We have a laid back ambiance.


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