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Tirta Spa is perched impressively on a windswept hill, overlooking Crocodile Island and the azure waters of the Sibuyan Sea, the pristine coastline of Boracay island in the Philippines . Tirta spa is intentionally set away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, allowing guests to enjoy a heavenly ambiance that enhances relaxation. 

Tirta Spa is a holistic retreat where one can rejuvenate and redress the imbalances in body, mind and spirit brought on by the stresses of daily life. Focusing on the art of cleansing oneself from negativity in order to achieve a whole new sense of wellness and a higher level of tranquility, the Tirta Spa experience starts as you enter the properties gates to the sound of a tranquil gong. 

The one-hectare estate combines world-class comfort with rustic charm for the ultimate journey towards self-rejuvenation. Drawing inspiration from a blend of diverse Asian cultures, the spas architecture will calm and warm your soul. Interiors feature authentic Asian furniture, drapes and fixtures including various Buddhist sculptures and relics. Each spa treatment starts with a grounding ceremony to reconnect guests with nature and refresh the stressed spirit. This is followed by a traditional massage ritual that is executed by highly trained therapists who specialise in loosening tight muscles and lulling guests into a state of blissful peace. 

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Reminiscent of an ancient temple, this spiritually grounding paradise has been designed to cater to the needs of the most discerning guests and provides the ultimate in good value and tranquility. The product is very much aimed at the "top end" of the market. 
The uniqueness of Tirta Spa, with attention to detail of the products, treatment concepts and above-all, the architectural beauty and spirituality of the spa, is the result of a true labour of passion and love that can be felt in every corner of the Tirta Spa estate - in turn, transmitting the real love for what we do to our clients. 

Since opening in April 2007, Tirta Spa has become the premier spa in the Philippines and is now recognized as one of the "Best Spas in Asia " from international regular spa-goers and industry experts and after just over a year, Tirta Spa received hard-earned accolades in the form of spa industry awards. 

Up to date, Tirta Spa has already proudly won a number of prestigious spa industry awards in Asia. Hours spent at Tirta Spa are without doubt worth every penny and clients leave feeling they have enjoyed THE BEST DAY SPA that Asia has to offer! 

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