Posh Nails

Posh Nails is a nail salon specializing in natural nail,hand and foot care. The selling points of their business are not just the services, but the wonderful, laidback ambience of her branches as well. Indeed, Posh Nails is no ordinary beauty hub. 

Whereas other spas would cramp their customers in small cubicles and irritate them with the incessant chattering of the staff, Posh Nails makes sure its clients feel totally relaxed and at home, as though they own the place. 

With walls bathed in bright Barbie-doll pink and lavender, its ceiling accentuated with a cute chandelier, Posh Nails looks as if it had the personal touch of Legally Blond’s Elle Woods, whose penchant for anything dainty and feminine changed the way girls and guys look at the colors. 

posh nails

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Instead of the bulky recliners, Posh Nails uses couches as seats for its customers. This way, says Cat, the customers would feel more at ease and comfortable. These couches make it easier for them to fall asleep. All customers are VIPs. You are asked if you need iced tea, coffee, or tea. Eye mask for a catnap, robes to be more comfortable or more pillows to feel just in your own place.

Official Site: www.totalbeautyplus.com

Source: poshnails.multiply.com

Teaser photo source: www.spot.ph