Garden Plaza Hotel and Suites Manila


At The Garden Plaza Hotel and Suites, experience a journey in a captivating city that no other hotel in Manila can offer. Strategically located at the center of Manila, the hotel offers excellent proximity to all things exciting. Its cozy property is a daily witness to the Manila’s gorgeous sunsets and active nightlife. The Garden Plaza Hotel and Suites offers a gateway to a city pulsating with life and unforgettable moments waiting at every turn.

Garden Plaza restaurant

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In general, Garden Plaza Hotel and Suites Manila is a grandiose facility located at 1030 Belen Street within Paco in Manila. This topnotch hospitality service provider possesses excellent amenities like a health and fitness center, a swimming pool, as well as a shopping arcade. Moreover, it has a business center to accommodate the various needs of its guests. Inside, people can choose from five different exciting guestrooms, including Deluxe Rooms, Executive Suites, and Corporate Suites. All these and more are available between $45 to $130, inclusive of basic room features like bathtubs, hot and cold showers, as well as telephone lines.

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