Amezcua Wellness Centre

Amezcua Wellness Centre offers a comprehensive approach to health care with a combination of alternative medical services, wellness therapies, spa treatments and fitness activities implemented under the supervision of a Medical Director/Doctor and supported by a staff of well-trained licensed professionals who care for, and pamper clients with 5-star service throughout their visit.

amezcua wellness centre

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Their main advocacy is "Preventive health through natural medicine". They detect weaknesses in the system before any symptoms of disease manifest themselves, and then prescribe natural therapies that strengthen the immune system, with the aim of preventing the illness from occurring. This is a more pro-active and effective approach than the conventional practice of visiting a doctor only when symptoms of illness have manifested themselves, and then being prescribed synthetic medicines that cure the symptoms, but not the root cause of the problem. Amezcua is the only establishment in its category that stays true to the definition of a medical spa by offering all three required components - medical services, spa treatments, and fitness activities.

Amezcua was established specifically to spread the concept of wellness and we are highly encouraged by its growing public acceptance, re-affirmed by our nomination as "Best MediSpa in the Baccarat Awards 2010" sponsored by AsiaSpa, an industry publication that annually recognizes the best in the region. 

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