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Ace Water Spa & Cafe is the First European Concept Spa in the Philippines. It’s the newest health Spa facility that everyone is talking about. You can offer this unique spa as part of their itinerary to all your in-bound tour groups. Ace Water Spa offers the cheapest massage in the country. Ace Water spa service is good for four (4) hours and 59 minutes or roughly 5 hours of hydrotherapy massage using all the facilities. So if you divide P500 by 5 hours gives you only P100 per hour of massage. No establishment or spa in the Philippines in any medium can offer you P100 per hour of massage from a first class facility. Only here at Ace Water Spa in Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City and no other place in the Philippines. 

Ace Water Spa is a Day Spa and not a Destination Spa, so they don’t have rooms or accommodations for overnight stay. Ace Water Spa is also not a Resort, but should be compared more to a spa with massage. Ace Water Spa is a Department of Tourism (DOT) accredited Day Spa. 

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Requirements what to bring: Please bring fitted swimwear or swimsuit for females and fitted trunks or cycling shorts for males. No beach shorts, board shorts, sandos, cotton swimwear will be allowed. Only fitted swimwear made out of spandex, nylon or lycra will be allowed, this is for the patron to feel the hydrotherapy massage with maximum effect. All the rest are provided, lockers, your shampoo and body wash are all provided and part of the services offered. 

Food Restrictions: Bringing of food and drinks are not allowed inside Ace Water Spa premises. We have Ace Coffee Lounge inside the Spa. And you can order healthy and good food at affordable prices. You can only eat before or after the spa service. Patrons are not allowed to eat in the middle of the spa service. Once you go out of the lockers, you can’t go back in inside the spa. Have something light before entering the spa. Swimwear & towels are for Sale or for rent, other swimming accessories for sale. 

Ace Water Spa dress code requires females to have swimsuits, either one piece or two piece swimsuits. For males fitted trunks or cycling shorts are required. No beach shorts or board shorts are allowed. If anyone doesn’t have the proper swimming attire, Ace Water Spa has a wide assortment of swimwear for sale.

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