This dish may not be the most appetizing fare based on its looks, but it sure is unjustly to judge the book (food) by its cover. Poqui-poqui is an egg dish similar to frittata or scrambled eggs. What makes it truly Ilocano is the generous mix of eggplant – lots of eggplant. Ilocanos are known to love almost every kind of vegetable, so why not mix it to some fluffy egg?


It is not clear how or when the poqui-poqui was created but from the looks of it, it's here to stay for future generations to taste. The ratio between eggs and eggplant is essential in making the perfect poqui-poqui. If done perfectly, the creaminess of the eggs is accentuated with the subtle natural sweetness of eggplants. Shallots and tomatoes make the dish even more wonderful.



Source: www.paoayregatta.com

Teaser photo source: flickr.com