Pahiyas Festival

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Pahiyas festival is an annual event in lucban quezon in honor of their patron saint st. Isidore (San Isidro Labrador). Pahiyas is celebrated every 15 of May to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.  Houses are decorated with fruits, vegetables and the very colorful Kipings(rice flake/wafer),  This is a wafer made of rice and shaped into a tree leaf. It comes in colors of pink, green and yellow.

Pahiyas festival have evolved to a small town fiesta to one of the most anticipated festival yearly. Millions of international and domestic tourist would flock the small town of Lucban to see and take pictures  infront of the decorated houses and streets. Aside from the colorful houses there are other events to watch like the Sta Cruzan where beautiful young ladies will parade around town with their beautiful gowns made by featured local designers. Another to look forward to when visiting the Pahiyas is the street and float parades.

pahiyas festival

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Pahiyas festival is not only a feast for the eyes but for one's palette too. As we all know filipino's loves fiesta so much it's the 2nd time of the year where we really put time in preparing food next to Christmas. expect to eat some of the most delicous foods only available in lucban like pancit lucban or what the locals call pancit habhab and lucbanin's ever popular longanisa lucban.

Pahiyas is a one day event that will make your eyes and belly pop from colorful and decorated houses to see and gastronomical foods to eat. Expect a memorable experience when you visit Lucban and participate in the Pahiyas Festival.


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