The City of Dumaguete is the largest city and the capital city of Negros Oriental, a province in the Philippines. The residents living in Dumaguete are called “Dumagueteños”. This city is tagged a university town, this is due to the existence of seven colleges and universities in the surrounding area. It is a popular educational destination where students from Visayas and Mindanao usually opt for their tertiary education. Among the famous educational institutions found in the city is the Silliman University. Because of the simplicity of its beauty, Dumaguete has attracted a huge number of tourists from different corners of the world including Japan and Europe.


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The city is home of the world's best diving sites such as the Sumilon Island and Apo Island. It holds a name in the world's most diverse marine ecosystem and a lot of divers unite in the Apo Island and explore the beautiful corals underwater and experience its fantastic marine life. The city's Marine Preserve is managed by the Silliman University.

The basic lure of the City of Dumaguete is more on outdoor adventures and one their pride is whale watching and dolphin watching. You can go on a scenic cruise along the Strait of Tanon situated between the Cebu Island and Negros Island heading to Bais, this is the home of frolicking whales and dolphins. This may even be an educational trip. The cruise is accompanied by a brilliant naturalist which will identify the dolphins and the whales. Mostly you will find bottle nose, spotted, spinner Frasier and striped dolphin along the way. The Scuba Ventures of Dumaguete gives a professional. Creative and uncompromising services to those who are diving enthusiasts.


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Dumaguete believes that a mountain is not only a plain rock situated above the earth. The city believes that is a representation of history and a landmark that narrates what people have seen for hundreds of years already. This landmark has captivated thoughts and imagination. This remark became the main reason why a lot of people climb mountains, because they believe that really beauty is at the peak. This holds true especially when you climb a mountain that is within the lands of Dumaguete. Mt' Kanlaon and Cuernos de Negros are the two main peak being climbed by a lot of people over the years. The scenery in these mountains are breathtaking and you'll see a lot of vegetation roads proving that the city is also rich in agriculture.

What To See:

- Christmas House

- Angtay Golf Club and Driving Range

- Dumaguete City Public Market

- Katipunan Hall

- Dumaguete Belfry

- Rizal Boulevard

How To Get Around:

There are various modes of travel getting into and out of Dumaguete City. Flights are scheduled daily from the Philippines' capital, Manila. Average flight costs would be around P2,000 with flights lasting for a little more than an hour one way.

Traveling to the nearby island of Cebu will take a four-hour ferry ride. You will also be making a stop over in the island province Bohol at Tagbilaran City. If you prefer to travel by land then you may take a bus traveling over Cebu City onto Lilo-an. From there you'll ferry up to Sibulan for about half an hour. Dumaguete is only 20 minutes away from Sibulan by bus.

Taxis can become your major mode of transportation within the city though there are definitely others you can opt for. If ever you've made prior travel arrangements or reservations with a hotel then you can have a taxi pick you up at the airport or your port of entry. Other modes of travel include the ever popular motorcycles where you'll be doing some back riding.

Tricycles or pedicabs are also around for you to hire. Jeepneys are also around if you're looking for something quite conventional in the Philippines. Transportation costs for hired vehicles would average around P100 or more. Minimum fares for non-hired vehicles would usually be below or around P10.

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