Caramoan Islands

Very little is known about Caramoan. Isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur, it is no surprise why Philippine's Secret Paradise remains unexploited from commercial tourism. Caramoan gives 'island hopping' a new meaning. Enjoy its beauty in many ways. Great ocean adventures for kayakers, snorkle and scuba dive to experience the diverse marine life, trek and search for the enigmatic lagoon, rock climb the limestone cliffs, explore the caves or just star gaze at night.

Caramoan was once called 'Guta de Leche' -  a name given by Dutch gold miners who operated in Lahuy Island. By the time Spaniards arrived in the area in 1619, the peninsula is renamed Caramoan, from the word 'carahan' which means sea turtle.

The peninsula has only gained tourism popularity in recent years and has been featured in both local and international television programs, tourism magazines, and blogs. Caramoan is expected to keep its pristine condition as it is proclaimed a national parl of the Philippines. Caramoan is also arguably a favorite spot for the popular reality TV show, Survivor. The place has been host to various international Survivor seasons including those from Serbia, Israel, Sweden, India, and even the 25th season of the American version finished filming only this 2012.

Popular tourist destinations are the Caramoan National Park, the Centro, and Gota Beach, and popular activities include diving, swimming, snorkeling and spelunking.



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